Our Angels

Don’t be misled too quickly………

So you think you want a Beagle to join your family? Don’t be fooled by the charming good looks and happy go lucky characters  ……………………….

Here are a few traits that will open your eyes before you commit yourself to one of these loving and beautiful hounds.

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Beagles are explorers and will follow their nose wherever their sight and smell takes them. 

Beagles are endowed with selective deafness, they seldom come back when you call them.

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In addition to the above, you can’t leave them outside or inside unmonitored for too long, as Beagles are prone to exploring their surroundings and can be adept climbers and diggers. Beagles left outside can become bored and will bay and howl for hours occasionally.


One more thing…..most Beagles when hungry will beg, steel and borrow, so keep your left overs from dinner out of reach and never set your plate of food down where they can get to it as it will disappear in a flash……

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While your Beagle is still a puppy to the age of up to two years please consider you are still training, and they will look to you for guidance. Hence when you pop out for your newspaper in the morning, remember to put your puppy in his/her cage and cover him/her until you come back. This sounds cruel BUT this is important for the puppy as they consider this their home and a safe surrounding (even only for ten minutes). Not doing this can lead to what has happened in the photos shown above.

Converse to all this Beagles are excellent house deterrents, while you are away from your house during the day.


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