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Chester, Rufus, Lady, Honey, Prince Zaphar, Princess Zara, Lord Oscar and Queen Ruby have all participated at Crufts Dog Show during the past Fourteen years and we have enjoyed immensely the excitement of the day and the thrill of watching our much loved Beagles strutting-their-stuff and performing their best for us in the world-famous competition held at the NEC in Birmingham each March.  The competition is very tough of course with the best dogs and bitches from all over the world in attendance.  There is no quarter taken here either as the stakes are extremely high with the top breeders all seeking supremacy in the ring and the tension is clear for all to see as each class takes to the ring, is judged against the standard and then completes leaving the competitors either highly elated or down in the mouth – challenging stuff this dog showing business you know !


Crufts Dog Show 2017  would see the TRIECAP BEAGLES team once again represented by Prince Zaphar for the second time in the Veterans Class and with an earlier start than normal, once again he glided around the arena in his full glory strutting his stuff – the judge would pull Zaphar out of the line-up and would achieve a commendable sixth position.  Lord Oscar was again entered in Limit dog and gave another great performance. As always this little man is a stunning and compact dog which shows through his elegant stride around the ring.  A gentle male always giving his best. This time his hard work was paid off with the award of VHC in a very competitive and strong class. Queen Ruby moved up to Limit Bitch class and with heavy competition she gave the watching public an eye catching pose and movement around ring. With her elegant stride and beautiful features she performed like a true champion which the watching crowd acknowledged. The judge though did not agree with public opinion on this occasion, much to the disappointment of the ‘Triecap’ supporting public.  The judge this year was Mike Caple.

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